2024, The Year of the Dragon(fly?)

As I'm dreaming about my garden this cold New Year's weekend, I'm taking stock of 2023 and wondering what the next year will bring.  Did you know 2024 is the Year of the Dragon?  And I can't wait to commune with my the earth-bound dragons, also known as Texas spiny lizards, currently hibernating in my backyard. These little guys are my best garden companions, doing me the favor of devouring the pesky insects I detest (mosquitos, ticks, etc.), making the garden more enjoyable.

Like many of us, my love for nature extends beyond my backyard to my collection of Polish pottery. I even use several planters and vases indoors during the winter to propagate new plants in time for the Spring! My favorite patterns feature delicate dragonflies, ladybugs, and butterflies.

And speaking of "dragon"-flies...the name for this insect can be traced back to old European folklore, where they were thought to be shimmery messengers of fairies and mythical beings. The dragonfly is a motif that's a favorite of Polish pottery Unikat patterns as well!  

So, in the spirit of the Year of the Dragon, take a moment and peruse the beautiful nature-inspired insect-adorned patterns of Polish pottery. May your home and garden be adorned with the beauty of nature, both real and imagined, as you create a haven filled with strength, good fortune, and purpose in 2024.

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