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Polish Pottery Shop, a Love for Polish Pottery

Polish Pottery Shop began as a deep love and passion for Polish Pottery. While traveling in Eastern Europe several years ago, we happened upon the Pottery Festival in Boleslawiec. We have been obsessed ever since. The unique patterns and exquisite designs produced by these wonderful artisans are both gorgeous and captivating. Each piece of pottery is painted and stamped by hand with sponges and brushes by highly skilled artisans in Poland. The amount of artistry that goes into each and every piece of pottery is incredible.

We have been collectors of this unique pottery for years and decided that it was time to do what we love. We love being surrounded by the beauty of Polish Pottery every day and we are excited to offer this wonderful pottery to you. So please, take a moment and look around our website, we are sure that you will find something truly special made for you.

About Polish Pottery, How is it Made?

Polish Pottery is hand-crafted and painted stoneware. It comes from the town of Boleslawiec, Poland, where the tradition of pottery dates back to the 14th century. This region is famous for its high-quality ceramic ware. Highly skilled artisans train for years learning to create this stunning pottery.  Polish pottery is fired at temperatures exceeding 2200 degrees Fahrenheit in gas and electric kilns.  Polish pottery is crafted from white stoneware found only in the Boleslawiec region of Poland. It is very dense in nature, allowing the pottery to be chip and crack resistant.  Lustrous glazes are applied to each dish, adding a beautiful shine, as well as preserving the vibrant colors.  It also makes cleaning a breeze.

Is Polish Pottery Safe for Everyday Use?

All of our pottery is crafted by experts and is tested for safety.  It exceeds FDA rules and regulations regarding food safety.  All glazes are lead and cadmium free.  These dishes are microwave, dishwasher, freezer, and oven safe up to 500 degrees F.

How do I care for my Polish Pottery?

Polish Pottery is dishwasher, microwave, oven, and freezer safe.  Our pottery distributes heat evenly for perfect baking, and it has a naturally non-stick surface for easy clean-up, making it very easy to care for.  While these pieces are extremely durable and intended for everyday use, they are pottery, so care should be used when heating or cooling each piece.  Avoid sharp temperature swings.  All pottery needs time to adjust to changing temperatures; therefore, allow it to reach room temperature prior to placing it in a hot or cold environment.  For example, if removing pottery from a cold environment such as a refrigerator or freezer, allow the piece to reach room temperature before placing it in the oven.  The recommendation is the same when removing pottery from a hot environment to a cold one.  Always allow the pottery to reach room temperature before exposing it to extreme environments.  It is also recommended that the pottery be allowed to heat up slowly with the oven; avoid placing it onto direct heat such as a stovetop burner.  Following these guidelines will ensure that you enjoy your beautiful stoneware for many years. It is the combination of function and beauty that makes Polish pottery so captivating and appealing.

Why Shop with Polish Pottery Shop?

We truly care about our customers.  Our team members are here to serve you.  We look forward to interacting with our customers and providing the best customer service possible. Please feel free to contact us anytime with questions, comments, or concerns.  

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We offer over 50,000 items to choose from.  We carry Polish pottery items from nearly every manufacturer in Boleslawiec, Poland.  We offer dinnerware, bakeware, tabletop, cookware, holiday items, home decor, and much more.  We carry countless patterns so we are sure to have what you're looking for.  

Value.  Polish pottery is famous for its exquisite detail and its exceptional quality.  When purchasing a piece of Polish pottery, it is an investment in a functional work of art.  Polish pottery is crafted by experts using high-quality stoneware mined in Poland, because of this, Polish pottery is crack and chip resistant.  This allows our pottery to last for generations to come. Additionally, our relationship with the manufacturers in Boleslawiec, Poland allows us to purchase large quantities of pottery.  This reduces our costs so that we are able to pass along the discount to our customers.