Tips on Decorating with Your Beautiful Hand-Crafted Polish Pottery

June 25, 2015

Ways to Make Your Home Pop with Colorful Polish Pottery

I LOVE COLOR.  The brighter the better… ok, I admit that any hue is eye candy to me (even pastels) — but on the whole I like to make a statement with bright, beautiful, bold COLOR.  Especially in my home…which is another reason why I love Polish pottery.

I’ve been in a lot of spaces that seem to say “I’m too grown-up and serious for bright colors.”  I often wonder if these people are escaping their drab digs for vacation hotspots, where they find themselves literally surrounded by vibrant color and then revel in it like kids?  Not sure, but I think the real reason most people tend to revert to neutrals in their home is #1, it matches the paint color, and #2, they don’t want to make a mistake with the wrong color.  Once you spice up the mix — add pops of color here and there — you’ll find yourself settling into the space and making it more your own… more lived-in, less temporary.

Making a Statement with Color

Polish pottery particularly makes a statement with color — it can add classiness, such as a hand stamped or handpainted vase, or it can add that extra “homespun” feel your space has been lacking.  Don’t be afraid of color — you don’t have to repaint your room, you can add all the charm you need with a few well-placed accessories.  You may find you’ll get the most compliments on these pieces, too!

Color is particularly useful in the kitchen, where you want to be comfortable gathering with friends & family over good food.  As a table setting, try contrasting Polish pottery against a burnt orange tablecloth or rich wood table for an almost Spanish feel.  For a more modern and eclectic look, try mixing different patterns in different colors atop a light wood table or pick a very simple graphic pattern, like dots.  For more of a country or “lodge” look, a simple pattern with 2 or 3 different colors might work best.

Once You Start Collecting Polish Pottery it Can be Hard to Stop

Once you start decorating with brighter, more saturated hues, you might find yourself addicted to it!  Why wait to go on vacation to surround yourself in the warm richness of color?  Start with some pottery! — there are so many beautiful pieces just waiting to beckon the eye and make you feel more at home.

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