What makes Polish Pottery so unique?

  1. It is multipurpose, diverse and very very functional...
  2. Durability is its distinctive feature. Polish Stoneware is fired at extremely high temperature and covered with a protective glaze ( of course before going to the kiln ; ). As a result we receive a ceramic product which is highly durable for every day use and also crack and chip resistant.
  3.  Polish Pottery was designed to use with food on a daily basis for years. You may safely eat on it, drink from it, serve food on it and bake in it. Safety is based on the certified materials used during production: lead and cadmium free paints and glaze. 
  4. Polish Stoneware is microwave oven safe up to 480 degrees what makes it a great bakeware.
  5. The glaze which covers all dishes makes it non-stick and easily washable. Cleaning will never be time consuming, because Polish Pottery is dishwasher safe thanks to the protective glaze! The glaze transforms porous ceramic to non-porous hard material.
  6. Finally it is just crazy beautiful with tens of thousands combinations of shapes and patterns. 
  7. Hand stamp painting technique uniquely used in the Polish city of Boleslawiec contributes to this beauty a lot and makes Polish Stoneware universally distinctive. When you see something new from Poland you always know it is Polish Pottery although you have never seen this specific design before.